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Successful growers and fish processors must practice good postharvest handling procedures in order to thrive in today's food industry. Fast and efficient precooling of fruits, vegetables and fish remains one of the most critical components to the postharvest phase of food marketing since maintaining shelf life ensures freshness that consumers demand. Extending shelf life broadens a company's customer base, allowing their own business to grow.

TRJ has the solution by employing one of the many different types of precooling systems available including Forced Air Coolers, Liquid Ice Injectors, Ice Plants, Ice Storage, Hydrocoolers and Vacuum Coolers. Many of the features and benefits of TRJ systems are unique to TRJ Industrial Refrigeration. Our experience in advanced design of precooling systems and post harvest handling solutions can extend shelf life and "the bottom line" of produce and seafood. TRJ Refrigeration has based our reputation on providing fast, yet economical precooling systems that continually ensure excellent arrivals, long shelf life, satisfied customers and increased profits for the fruit, vegetable and fish industries since 1991.

TRJ Refrigeration is celebrating 32 years of serving the
Food Industry with quality cooling systems!

Celebrating 25 Years in Precooling Industry
About Our Company...

TRJ Refrigeration has been in business since 1991 and our engineers have been involved in the food industry for over 40 years. The company is owned by Mike Reutter who has been involved specifically in designing precooling systems for over 40 years. Since inception, we have become industry leaders in the design, manufacturing, installation and service of many precooling systems for the fruit, vegetable and seafood industries. Developing proprietary systems involving Liquid Ice for fish and Liquid Ice for vegetables have helped to bolster our status as a leader in innovative design and technologies. We remain focused on the support of the agricultural and seafood industries by continuing to further advance the other various types of precooling systems we offer such as hydrocoolers, forced air coolers, vacuum coolers, icemakers, ice rakes and ice conveying systems. Additionally, we design and build industrial refrigeration systems which include freezing systems, IQF, process cooling, and cold storage. We offer general refrigeration services and refrigeration parts sales not only for precooling systems but for any industrial refrigeration user.

Redbook AwardTRJ Refrigeration has been awarded the Red Book Credit Services Business Character Award for maintaining a reputation of high ethical trading practices, business competence and financial stability.

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