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Liquid Ice for Vegetables

Quickly precooling vegetables is critical to maintaining freshness. TRJ's proprietary Posi-Jector Liquid Ice Injection System is another type of precooling system offered for any vegetables requiring ice. Industrial ice is conveyed into the mixing chamber, mixed with water to form slurry, sometimes referred to as slush ice, and then positively injected into closed cartons of any ice tolerant vegetables. This icing method is up to 1000% faster than manual shoveling of ice, a huge labor and cost saving feature. TRJ offers a complete line of ice makers, ice rakes, ice storage, modular ice plants, portable ice plants and other precooling systems to fully complement any Liquid Ice system.

Liquid Ice Fully Surrounds Vegetables
Liquid Ice Fully Surrounds Vegetables

VideoClick here to see our Liquid Ice Injector for Broccoli Video

Liquid Ice Injector System

Suitable for any ice tolerant fresh produce such as:
Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cantaloupes, Carrots, Leafy Greens, Kale, Leeks, Parsley, Radishes, Sweet Corn and more.

Ice Completely Fills the Carton
After Injection, Ice Completely Fills the Carton
from Top to Bottom

BENEFITS OF Liquid Ice For Vegetables

Labor Saving
Up to ten times faster than shovel icing palletized produce. Our one step body icing and precooling systems have become one of the fastest and most foolproof means of preserving fresh vegetables, since the ice totally envelops the product.

Double Probe in Sweet Corn Cartons
Double Probe is Inserted into
Sweet Corn Cartons

Save Costs by Reducing Carton Size
Liquid ice fully surrounds vegetables, so in most cases the carton size can be reduced when compared to top iced cartons.

Positive Ice Injection Results in a Thorough Icing Job
This is why we call our liquid ice injectors the Posi-Jector. Good arrivals demand a consistent, thorough icing job, nothing less. Getting the precooling process done right the first time is critical. Our liquid ice system employs a pumping system which forces the ice directly into the carton. Others rely on less positive methods, which can result in costly re-icing and excessive handling which can result in a shorter shelf life.

6 Pallets can be staged for Icing
Up to 6 Pallets can be staged
for Icing in the PJ2000C Liquid Ice System

Salt Free Mixture
Reduces concerns with equipment and truck bed corrosion, effluent contamination and diet conscious buyers. Other ice systems require salt to operate.

Optional Powered Conveyors
Shown with Optional Powered Conveyors


Liquid Ice Injector Options

  • Powered pallet infeed and discharge conveyors with common cold water recovery (replaces turntable)
  • Static platform for staging iced pallets, with cold water recovery
  • Top icing conveyor systems for shed packed produce
  • Single injection probe available for irregular stacking configurations
  • Ice delivery systems
  • Ice Rakes, Ice Plants
  • Modular Ice Plants
  • Portable Ice Plants
  • Anti-bacterial systems available
  • Custom configurations
  • Leasing & financing available


PJ2000 - optional double probes
The PJ2000 Liquid Ice System can be Equipped
with Two Double Probes


Click here for Posi-Jector Dimensions and Specifications

Receivers can look for the Posi-Jector logo on your cartons as their assurance of a quality pre-cooled product. Call TRJ for a free camera-ready artwork.

Posi-Jector PJ1000G
Posi-Jector Liquid Ice System Model PJ1000G

Liquid Ice Injector Features

Accepts Any Type of Industrial Ice
Including crushed block, plate, tube, shell, and flake ice.

Adjustable Injection Pressure
For delicate produce, the pressure of our ice injectors can easily be adjusted to gently yet positively inject the liquid ice into each and every carton.

Adaptability To Shed Pack Systems
This precooling system is suitable for shed packed produce since liquid ice can be injected into closed or open cartons.

Ease of Installation
Ice injection systems are delivered utility ready for quick installation.

Automatic Ice Storage and Delivery
Ice Making, Automatic Ice Storage and
Delivery with a Posi-Jector PJ2000


PJ1000G Liquid Ice System is Ready for Shipment

Technical Features

  • Positive Injection
  • Cold water recovery system increases efficiency, saves ice
  • Powered turntable allows access to all sides of pallet
  • Capacities available from 400-1000 cartons per hour
  • Corrosion resistant galvanized finish for long life
  • Adjustable injection pressure allows for icing delicate products
  • Factory wired for single point power connection
Ice Envelops Broccoli
Ice Completely Envelops Broccoli


Non Automatic Delivery System
Flake Ice is Loaded into the System in a
Non Automatic Ice Delivery System


PJ2000 with Turntable Option
PJ2000 Liquid Ice System with Turntable Option


Stainless Steel Control Panels are
Standard on all Posi-Jectors


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