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TRJ Refrigeration designs and builds industrial refrigeration systems for cold storage, process cooling, water chilling, individual quick freezing or IQF systems, and have the capability to interface with flash freezing systems such as cryogenic freezing and nitrogen immersion systems. Many systems as shown in the pictures below are incorporated into precooling systems we offer such as forced air cooling, portable and modular ice plants, stand alone industrial ice makers, hydrocoolers, and liquid ice systems.

1550 HP Ammonia Based Machine Room
for -46 Degree Spiral Freezer


Ammonia Refrigeration
Packaged Ammonia Refrigeration for Portable
and Modular Ice Plants

Packaged Refrigeration Systems
Most systems can be pre-packaged as shown above. Some of the advantages of factory packaging are:

  • Reduces field installation time and costs
  • Modular construction allows for future relocation of equipment
  • Up to 500 TR capacity using halocarbon or ammonia
  • Complete with compressors, condensers, all vessels and electrical equipment required
  • Factory construction offers a high degree of quality control over construction, testing and finishing
  • Can be integrated with any modular ice plants, portable ice plants, industrial ice making systems and forced air coolers
TRJ provides customers with a comprehensive range of precooling systems and services such as feasibility studies, system design, build, installation, service and maintenance, existing system analysis and recommendations for performance improvements. TRJ utilizes superior technology and advanced refrigeration techniques to provide innovative solutions to your specific precooling and freezing needs. Designed in accordance with applicable industry standards, our refrigeration systems meet or exceed the requirements or suggestions and recommendations of ASHRAE, IIAR, RETA of which we are members.
Evaporative Condenser
  Evaporative Condenser and Receiver for Strawberry IQF Freezing Systems

As a design, engineering and manufacturing company, TRJ Refrigeration, Inc. has considerable experience in industrial refrigeration design, construction, installation and service of high quality refrigeration systems. The following describes the varied types of systems designed by TRJ:

  • Company engineers have carried out projects exceeding 2,000 TR
  • Large central plant installations using multiple rotary screw and reciprocating compressors
  • Direct expansion, gravity, mechanical pump or gas pressure fed systems
  • Single and two-stage compression systems
  • Critical charge systems
  • Blast freezing and low temperature storage
  • Secondary coolants such as water, glycols, brines, etc.
  • Control systems technology such as computer control with remote monitoring
  • Energy management
  • Supplied to many parts of the world including Mexico, Canada and Europe
  • Various industries such as fresh and frozen food, bakery, industrial ice, and fishing
Room Cooling Coils
Room Cooling Coils are Ready for
Cold Room Project
300 HP Ammonia System
300 HP Packaged Ammonia System
for North Star Flake Ice Plant


Air Cooled Condensing Units
Three Air Cooled Condensing Units for a
50,000 Sq. Ft. Cold Storage Room


Ammonia Based Machine Room
for IQF Systems


  Evaporative Condenser and Receiver
  One of 3 16,000 Sq. Ft. Cold Storage Rooms in a 48,000 Sq. Ft. Facility
Freezer Coils
IQF Freezer Coils for -40 IQF Tunnel

Twin 100 HP Ammonia Package
Twin 100 HP Ammonia Package
for Forced Air Coolers


Reciprocating & Screw Compressor
150 HP Reciprocating & 300 HP screw compressor in Strawberry Forced Air Coolers


Ammonia piping for IQF Systems


Complete Computer Based Plant Management Systems are Available

High Capacity Fans in a 10,000# per Hour IQF System
High Capacity Fans Installed IQF Systems


350 HP Screw Compressor
Thirteen 20 TR Room Cooling Colils
Thirteen 20 TR Room Cooling Coils
Ready for Installation in a Cold Room


Vertical Ammonia Recirculator
Vertical Ammonia Recirculator
For Strawberry IQF Freezer Systems


600 HP Screw Compressor
600 HP Screw Compressor is
Ready to Offload


Air Cooled Condensing Unit
Crane Unloads an Air Cooled
Condensing Unit for cold storage facility


PLC Control System
TRJ Designs and Builds all PLC Based
Control Systems


Computer Rack for
Monitoring System
Liquid Ammonia Recirculator
Liquid Ammonia Recirculator for IQF System

Spiral Freezing System
Control Panel for Bread
Spiral Freezing System
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